Connor Edwards, 15 January 2017

My question as you can see by the title is a very big one and one that can sometimes

seem very unachievable; just leading to more questions that just call for answers.

However it is something I am very passionate about and believe is achievable; I just

don't know how yet. It was so comforting and inspiring to see so many people as

passionate as me about this issue, because it is an issue a huge one in fact. What

started out as a simple conversation between two people snowballed into a huge

discussion as more and more people joined, leading to one of the most inspirational

and powerful moments of my life. Because that just proved something that the world

needs to learn; if we work together instead of fighting one another allowing for all

different cultures and ideals becoming acceptant of those, no matter whether you

believe in them or not. Because it's not about everyone believing the same thing

otherwise beautiful discussion like this that expand our knowledge and culture wouldn't

happen. It's about understanding and accepting that culture with passing no judgment;

whilst at the same time being able to discuss your ideals and beliefs whether you

agree or not. I could talk about this all day as there is still so much more to talk about;

in fact i'm pretty sure we only just scratched the surface in our discussion. but instead

of going on i'll allow you all to read the notes and come to your own conclusions as we

all should be allowed to in both life and theatre; that's what is called freedom of

expression. I'm aware i'm far from the best note taker in the world so I recorded the

whole conversation. I have only briefly listened to the recording but as it was on my

phone in the middle of the circle it may not be that loud; you may have to really listen

so apolagies if it's a bit hard to hear. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone

who took part in the conversation, I often feel very alone in this fight because no-one

seems to be doing anything about it or have the care to try. So to see people with as

much passion and much more inteligent than I offering some fantastic in fact

phenominal insights; was truly inspiring and the most comforting thing in the world. So

thank you, thank you, thank you all and DandD for making this all possible. I hope to

create a world of true peace, if it even exists, one day and from this conversation I now

hope to create a world of true peace with you and anyone else who believes and

wants to share this dream of mine. Lots of love Connor x.