Nicky Priest, 11 January 2016

Well, the D & D 11 at the Birmingham REP was fun, first time I ever attended an event

held by D & D!

I held the first of three sessions (busy I was!), this one relating to said report title, with

people who attended the session writing down what they think can be done, the

answers that were written down on the notes by them are as follows:

- We can facilitate communication between both disabled and non-disabled artists so

that the non-disabled artists can help the disabled artists overcome social barriers and


- We can indulge in opening the human narrative, and thus explore the importance of

state benefits supported to disabled artists to work.

- And finally, we can explore integrating access & involvement of disabled artists in the

process of creating work. Access itself can often be an intimidating subject, and does

not need to be.


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