How can large organisations support smaller ones

Kevin Lewis, 16 September 2012

Session called by Kevin. Present were - Deborah,Michael, Phil, Anna,Lisa, Brent, Branwen,Lisa, Nathan,Vicki, Bryn, Michelle

There was a strong feeling in the group that larger organisations should help smaller ones and examples were mentioned where this was working - Point Eastleigh, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Creu Cymru Dance Buddies scheme, Creu Cymru Futures Project, Victoria Company (Belgium). Sherman Cymru and Chapter Arts Centre also supported new companies and individual artists.

The discussion covered a lot of ground and things that would help a small less resourced company included:
Space for rehearsal
Space for storage

Space for set construction / painting Inclusion on website and in brochure Access to mailing lists
Marketing support

Artistic mentoring / Artistic counselling Admin support
Equipment/ kit
Skill sharing

Sharing of experiences
Help with funding applications/ business plans/ evaluation of projects.

A platform for presenting work

The important thing was to go ahead, make contact with the larger organisations and ASK for help/support. As public funded organisations they had a responsibility to make themselves accessible. It was also pointed out that supporting smaller orgs gave larger orgs extra kudos and credibility.

Going to see lots of theatre was important and perhaps unsold tickets could be made available at reduced prices for new emergent companies.
If you want to observe a director at work in rehearsals or talk to them about heir working methods etc - again just ASK - some directors and organisations are very happy to have visitors!!


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