Nicky Priest, 12 January 2016

I'm back again, you can tell I was busy at the D & D 11 convention!

I held the second of my 3 sessions, this one relating to said report title (I'm on fire!),

with people who attended the session writing down what they think can be done, the

answers that were written down on the notes by them are as follows (like before),

brace yourselves for more “We can”s:

- We can have more of an open casting policy, or an alternative, to give people the

opportunity to have more of a chance to try and perform in theatre.

- We can encourage open networks of artists centred at the theatre; e.g. ‘In Good

Company’ - East Midlands Network.

- We can take AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! - Let's incorporate policy of seeing a

percentage of disabled performers who are invited to audition for all productions.


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