How artists/practioners can remain working in the condition of uncertainty in professional environment?

Convener(s): Li  E Chen

Participants: Mharri Steenbock, Sarah Mennell, Michelle Reader, Fiona Watson, Wenla Hotakka, Madulline Trigg, Reta Lily, Relsect Cook, Alisan Mead, Tassos Stevens, Shanti Freed, Salward Kemp, Annie Rigby, Jason Ho, (sorry, some names missed out) 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:


  • Open, Trust, Honest
  • Time Management with your life and works, ways of communicating it.
  • Taking responsibility: everyone, not only individuals.

Questions raised:

  • How do you make people feel all right about being uncertain?
  • How do you go about achieving it?
  • How do you communicate it?
  • How do you make them feel safe?
  • Is there a funding structure to support?
  • Is there some problem with the educational system in this country? (e.g. Young people want to have certainty and Now, can young people be introduced earlier to deal with this condition of not knowning.)
  • Is getting funding and doing the work just a game?
  • Is there different funding body that will give money as you needs % of funding?

Creative process:

  • Working in small units/tasks.
  • Make up accountability criticism.
  • Not to set the outcome straight away
  • g. Robert Lepage, re-make the successful points, not the unsuccessful points.
  • To have a structure for your team
  • To slow down and allow the creativity to happen.
  • Both artists and funders have uncertainty fact.


Many great works are made by the artists/actors/directors who are allowing the audience to be left with uncertainty and fascination of the works.