Convener: Poppy Burton-Morgan

Participants: Rachel Briscoe, Ollie Lamford, Daniel Goldman, Matt Trueman, Simon Pollard, Dan Baker, Jo Mackie, Tim Saward, Lucy Oliver-Harrison, Sarah Chew, Leo Wood, Jo Crowley, Mia Flonaulst


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

I spent some time saying HOORAY to people, and more specifically telling them why they were amazing. People seemed to like this. Then the group grew and we made a list of things we wanted to say HOORAY for.

People only don't achieve (whatever that means) because they sabotage themselves.

How can we get more people to feel HOORAY about themselves?

Things can become lonely and competitive but everyone's in the same boat.

People are afraid to say HOORAY about themselves too – that life is good, because of the fear it'll piss other people off. BUT enthusiam is lovely to hear.

You don't have to apologise for your own happiness and success.

What a GIFT it is to have a passion!

Sharing the success of your projects makes people feel better not worse. 

There is also a fear of complimenting people – a fear of being exposed maybe.

We might not trust the compliment and think the person has an agenda.

BUT it's so easy to give a compliment and make someone's life a tiny bit better.

SO we came up with a pledge:

If you think a nice thought about someone (even if they're a stranger) then tell them! 

In the same vein – say good morning to people, especially strangers!

Attitude – Matt felt this D&D was hard (not in a bad way) because he came with an attitude of this is going to be hard. I thought it was  HOORAY because I came with an attitude of  HOORAY. Attitude changes everything, and everyone has the power to change their attitude.

The shit is the reality that we're in – what can we do? Instead of sitting in the shit we can look forward.

It's easy to be disgruntled but there are also a shitload of reasons to celebrate.

Things we wanted to and did say HOORAY for:

  1. the structure of this event – brilliant, open, wonderful special.
  2. We're really LUCKY  to be able to be here and share this.
  3. Being a community who can get together.
  4. Being able to talk to total strangers.
  5. PASSION – sharing a passion about a thing.
  6. Mint Crumbles (a type of sweet).
  7. Working in this industry , which means every month we meet new people who can end up becoming great friends.
  8. Yesterday X felt he didn't fit in and was sitting in silence. Today he's found his feet. He didn't know what he was looking for, he wasn't looking for a fight or for solutions and it's just been nice to find common goals and share things.
  9. THIS because it's empowering.
  10. How well people listen and then respond (the equality of comments).
  11. Babies.
  12. This weekend being a reminder of why we're doing what we're doing.
  13. Getting to make art for a living. To play for a job.
  14. Being able to see the fruits of your labour (not just a cog in a capitalist wheel).
  15. Being poor but happy.
  16. Life.
  17. Finishing funding applications.
  18. This beautiful room.
  19. Looking over at the cafe and seeing people still really animated (at 5.55pm on Sunday)
  20. It's 6pm on Sunday and we're still here!
  21. Casa Mexico (which sell some great chillies).
  22. Collaboration, imagination, being challenged, emotionally exhausted, discovering things, listening.
  23. Poppy for writing so quickly when so much stuff is coming up.
  24. All the paperwork on the walls.
  25. Tim.
  26. Hard-headness.
  27. Moving towards gradual splendour.
  28. So many people caring.


It's really important in times of darkness to appreciate the lighter things.

Even in the dark times there are still stars -

IN FACT We can only see the starrs if it's dark (to which I wrote 'very better')


That is all. HOORAY!