Hierarchal training leads to Hierarchal theatre: what can we do about it?

Convener(s): Fiona Griffiths

Participants: Lise, Aimie, Unknown (please add your name if you were there), Jackie, Unknown (please add your name if you were there), Nick

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Discussion included:

-Issues of ethnicity, cultural preferences for non theatre work and entertainment, teacher/director confusions as to how to cast other races, English speaking, British-trained Chinese classified as middle class, British establishment doesn’t really understand what a Multicultural society is.

-confusing uni. degrees with actual training. Too much academe and not enough training to do the job. Students learn working for approval, become dependant on teacher as arbiter of excellence.

-5 major theatre schools basically white, middle/upper class due to high fees and lack of contact with non whites at school level.

Are these schools interested in multicultural students and what are they and the government doing about it? 

-for disabled and disenfranchised groups the transformative gift of theatre denied because art is not part of the neighbourhood. Too much emphasis on museum style theatre-production values become more important than the content and/or the experience.