Lawrence O'Connor, 26 January 2013

We discussed ways of keeping actors connected to their profession after a number of

years, including:

- Writing/creating their own work

- Looking for new environments/people to connect with i.e. stand-up comedy/comedy


- Forming a company of experienced actors who can be available to different

people/organisations and offer a ‘menu’ of skills with a set of prices i.e. a role-playing

service, research and development with writers/directors/theatre companies for future

productions etc.

- No more work for free!

- Funded continued training, so actors don't have to continually pay be stay involved in

the profession

Questions raised:

- Why can't older actors play younger parts?

- How can older actors become more involved in physical theatre?


- Creative people become more creative (and more attractive as artists) when they are


- Culture is often very youth-orientated, but consumers of culture are often older

people, and even younger audiences don't necessarily just want to watch plays about

young people


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audiences, r&d, research and development