Shauna, Pauline, Eula, Michael, Georgia and David came to my session, we made 8 dolls together and lots of fun! We talked about different things including all the prejudices against our backgrounds but despite talking about this kind of sad subjects we laughed a lot. The time flew, I could not believe we spent almost four hours together, I felt like it passed an hour really!

After the event some of us went to the ‘Generations’ performance at Platform Theatre that included community people and Performance Design and Practice young students. An amazing experience of improvisation, the performers felt at home on stage and of course they want to do it more. I enjoyed every bit of it and I felt everybody in the audience loved it too.

Some comments:

‘Peaceful - a catalyst for engagement.’

‘Very relaxing doing the dolls.’

‘I made a doll with Regina. It was a very creative and productive session. It was a new experience stuffing and stitching up a doll.’

‘A meditative experience that ended with meditation!’

Thanks for everybody who organized the event and the performance, we spent a great time together, thank you!

ps.Alex did her first D&D introduction, it was perfect!