Chris Grady, 26 January 2014

StoryMusic is a project leading to Dec 22nd 2020 which will find one composer in each

country on the planet, and one word/writer in another country on the planet and match

them. They will be invited to have a series of conversations leading to writing, and

recording, a 10 minute piece of storymusic inspired by their shared and different

artistry and the sun. Then on one day each piece will be performed at dawn in the

country it was written in, creating a 24hour dawn chorus.

There are no boundaries on earth except those which are man made and, it is hoped,

that music, stories and storymusic can cross boundaries and create a global network

of creative conversations across the planet.

9 creative artists gathered to explore the idea and to help in shaping, suggesting, and

exploring. This is a “not over” open space discussion and we would welcome more

comments, thoughts and connections. Thank you.

A small charity is being established, a website will start offering a public profile for the

idea, and then (probably mid 2014) we will start seeking interest from advocates,

experts, connectors, inspirers, and writers/composers.

Thoughts that flowed in our discussion included:

*Look at the Beal festival in Dublin for ideas about new opera composers connecting

with poets.

* Contact Henrique Fonte in Natal Brasil for a great artistic connector into the

composers and writers in Brasil.

* Use IETM / Int Performing Arts Network as a route to creative catalysts and

connectors in many nations.

* Copywriting and the first message is vital and I/Chris Grady needs help from external

observers/copywriters to best shape the message to the audience.

* The International Festival of Emerging Artists at TR Stratford East was an amazing

gathering and they will have great connections.

* The project lends itself to local activity (in schools, with branches of storymusic

growing from the central piece, across a country, reaching further).

* If we need high profile advocates, and 2020 is an Olympic year in Tokyo maybe

there are high profile athletes who use music, write music, are inspired by words, who

could champion this global project.

* My question “should we do an Open Space for StoryMusic ?” came back with a

resounding yes, having gathered some partners first. There's time. Gather first.

My thanks to the following for helping to join this conversation and in some cases

variously offering their personal support, skill, involvement in different ways:

Brigit Hanley

Caroline Dalton

Sotiris Haefoullis

Clare Campbell

Ellen Muriel

James Bailey

Jennifer Lee

Aimee at drawn to stars.

For more information please go to until the main site is


I have a small gathering of Advisors on the project who support me, and a small group

of Trustees/Directors who are preparing the Charity with me. Right People would be


I am seeking some high profile global “names” to be interested and cheer the project -

maybe in arts, music, global affairs, international work. Delighted if anyone can

connect me to someone they think I should be inviting to be an Advocate.

Thanks for offering Open Space for this project to grow and develop.


[email protected]