Michela Sisti, 26 January 2014

If anyone who is new to London would like to contact me for any new

information I discover, to share experiences, or to simply sit down and have a

chat, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thank you to everyone who came by and left something in this tool box:

Advice on writing to theatre companies:

Your best bet is to write to producing theatres.

Write to companies whose work interests you and who you think you can learn the

most from.

Do your research on these companies. Explain in your letter what about their work

interests you and why.

Some companies might have official internships that they make public. Others won't

have programs that they advertise but still may be open to giving emerging artists

opportunities. Write to them!

First call up the company you are interested in and ask about who would be the

appropriate person to address your letter to.

End your letter to that person by asking whether they would be open to meet for a


Companies that often support or have supported emerging artists:

Battersea Arts Centre

Lyric Hammersmith

Contact (in Manchester)

National Theatre Studio (They also run an annual course in directing, which they don't

advertise to the public.)

Other useful resources:

Ideastap website

Arts Council website: “Arts News”, “Arts Jobs”

Creative Choices “Get Into Theatre” website

Equity - opportunities advertised here

The current version of the Theatre of Management Association's website (they've

recently changed their name) - job and training opportunities here

The Stage website - news and opportunities

A book called “Contacts” published annually by Spotlight

A recommended directing workshop:

“Regula contra Regulam” Grotowski Institute, Poland

1 week long - contact: Paul Saiza


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