Help and advice from fellow theatre makers

Bill Hamblett, 16 September 2012

Four different models were talked about
1. Sharings of work that were “half baked”
2 Networking via internet, calls, etc and visiting each other
3. Open doors where you open up your process to other theatre makes and similar interested people/ groups
4.At festivals find a space to share , an off shoot

1. Half baked: where a venue or organisation creates a time and space for people to bring half baked work, not polished so that the gathered interested can feedback on the idea concept or fragments of the work. Peer group respect was needed in a safe space

2. networking with other people you respect or know their work and can arrange a visit possibly funded to at least cover expenses. Individuals companies orgs could sign up with an agreement to be consulted Note: internet groups and network groups loose energy maybe at differing rates.

3 Open Doors: open up your work in your space or other venue to others either or both theatre makers or others including audience
4. An off shoot at existing festivals. Safe space to meet discuss share with fellow performers theatre makers any writers designers makers also there

Look at: no money systems, car pooling Reciprocal arrangements, GENEROSITY MODEL, self organising models, Sofa surfing, larger venues helping smaller

companies and why not the other way round.It should be a safe and trusting environment especially Half Baked model. Maybe not a Cardiff-o-cenrtic model.


Sharing, generosity, advice, helping make theatre, sharing, mentoring