- Heavy metal - born in the midlands - is a powerful form of music. It relies on authenticity.
- Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest

Not so great
- predominantly white
- predominantly male
- considered 'angry music'
- sounds like people yelling at me

What makes a good musical?
- pathos
- emotion in the moment
- emotional journey
- authenticity
- element of darkness
- knowns (songs or story or performer)
- transformative element to the story (e.g. Billy Elliot become a professional ballet dancer)

Why put the two together: epic storytelling in both forms; emotion can be carried in guitars and powerful voice; musicals allow for powerful emotions to be conveyed. Dark themes often appear in both.

Good 'dark' musicals: Cabaret, Sweet Charity
Other musicals of note: Rocky Horror Picture Show (community aspect, audience in on the joke, kinky, alternative); Oliver, Jesus Christ Superstar (known stories).

I would like to subvert the usual heavy metal tropes (e.g. not all white and not all male). Local stories with an element of mythic would lend itself to the musical genre.