Convener(s): Roddy Maude Roxby

Participants: Philip Osment
David Jackson
Lucy Morrison
Oliver Senton
Alan Cox
Juliet Knight
Luzita Fereday
John Hoggart
Joanna Woodward
Adi Luver
Michelle Frost
Patrick O Kane
Jude Kelly

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

I felt the exercise we were given raised my awareness of the group and calmed me down and relaxed me- what came to mind was how important group ethics are and how this will help people survive in the theatre world and help theatre itself survive in a world dominated by materialism and cheap kicks entertainment.

Good to have active participation in exercise alongside discussion as integral ways of communicating, exploring, catalyst for discussion.

We have values that matter to us. We need to be brave enough to look for our own path that acknowledges that being an artist is a life choice- not an industry job.

The discussion was about where we fit in as individuals- how do we bring our ‘own self’ and use our own pain/ issues/ concern to unite/ heal communities through the medium of theatre. It is about HONESTY

The Essence of theatre having healing as its centre and creation. The understanding that as an actor/practitioner director/ leader being ready to accept your responsibility to lead and influence by just existing in an authentic and honest way. The risk and fear of following one’s ‘calling’ or ‘belief’ is the challenge that takes any session or rehearsal.

The idea that the healing has to start among the practitioners themselves- sharing, being friendly, not being embattled. Recognising that we are the industry- it is not some external enemy but an internal construct.

The ‘different stages’ exercise; very useful in clarifying intent.
From the work of the anthropologist; Gregory Bateson,
Stepping through the logical levels employing Seeing, Hearing and Feeling
Environment – Where and When
Behaviour – What’s going on
Capability – How do you do it
Beliefs and Values – Why
Identity – Who am I
Beyond Identity – Spirit; ultimately for whom

Feel that healing practices in a rehearsal process is a rehearsal process- i.e meditation, yoga, breath work can bring a depth to the work itself and help to open up the company.

The idea of bringing a ‘Field of concern’ written down in your back pocket (eg America, terrorism) when you go to a piece of entertainment and then finding that something in the event has a healing effect on that concern was a very intriguing one. It was interesting to think back to the origins of culture and how humanity communicated itself, cave painting, storytelling, dance and that these modes of expression had a healing function that was commonly recognised. The effect of these rituals might be considered to make the unconscious conscious

Roddy’s note; I was drawing on NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) which in my opinion would be as useful if it were taught in drama schools at the Alexander technique for the same reasons