Having A Sing

Convener(s): Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Kobs)

Participants: Cass, Rod, Amanda, Phelim, Cat, Zoe, Greg. Others I thank but didn’t catalogue.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

This wasn’t a discussion so much as an opportunity to make some singing noises. The loose concept is to set up a secular choir. Some people who would like to sing but not necessarily to worship. I don’t think it would make the world worse if we could neuter any fear some of us have, even if only of singing aloud.

I have now had the opportunity to see how people respond to a casual invitation to sing. The law of two feet applies strictly but it means that those that show are engaged or at the very least curious.

The participants were (without exception) timid at first but without exception each construction of our group (different constructions because different people dropped in and out) sounded ‘perfect’ at some point for each song/sung thing.

We sang ‘Senzeni Na’, that ‘Doo Doo Ba Nay’ one, the central phrase from ‘Frankensinatra’ and a gospel sounding one that consisted simply of ‘Yes’ sung in a four note sequence (so very much better then that reads).

Now, this choir will go ahead however large or small. We need a venue. Maybe an evening weeknight or better still a Sunday morning. Sunday because that’s usually free-est, and it would be about 11am - 1230. 11am to dissuade the hungover but not rouse us unreasonably early on the day off. In the week it would be at about 7 but I don’t think that’s sustainable.

We haven’t a choir yet but it seems people are happy to respond to a casual invitation to sing, which is super. Venue must come first though. 

I’m asking for a venue or some venue advice. My email is [email protected] and please put ‘Chorus’ in the subject box.

Niceness unto you.