Handy cap do you know why?

Convener(s): Nick Fearn

Participants: Ann Wilson, Nick Fearn

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

Topics Covered

Nick: Talked about ‘handy cap’ being a term brought about by the industrial revolution.

Cap in hand was explained: with the dawn of the industrial revolution people with a disability were further disabled by the environment of the mechanization of industry.

  1. Apples and Snakes

Ann talked about the spoken word group.

Nick talked about the topic of the industrial revolution and the north being at its heart.  

  1. The effect of imperialism has on 3rd world countries.
  2. Indigenous struggle and Nick’s part in that struggle.
  3. Both Nick and Ann agreed that there should be more social centres in London.
  4. Peter Kay success, honesty and integrity. 

Things to do

Nick to look up Apples and Snakes website and contact details and to get involved in a Spoken Word Collective to promote spoken word.