Group Interaction, Connection, Presence.  What can we percieve of each other, what can we express of ourselves? 

Convenor: Jan Lee

Participants: Jonathan Petferbridge, John Hale, Alan Hescott, Jan Lee




Where do we see connection or lack of connection in our work?

Using theatre to connect those who are mute, shy, or not able to attend, using different senses such as touch

Lack of connection between artists working together -

Physically working with other artists rather than electronically communicating makes a big difference


How do people connect with each other?

- A multisensory experience, not just 'being in your head' or 'physical'. 

A writer working with others electronically who they may never meet face to face feels isolated, disconnected.


- Join a group which practices your skills in action, e.g. an impro group?  join Keith Johnstone group?

- Sharing the researching process?


The current situation: a writer sitting at coffeebars listening in on interesting conversations

Suggestion: getting also the actors to do this, ripple effect

Becoming friends with the people you listen in on


As an artist researching in everyday life, if we are not explicitly identified as a 'writer' or 'researcher' or 'performer'... 

...are we a 'spy'?  Are we intruding? Or are we are listening with more awareness? 

We can be present to the richness and detail of other humans and their expression, when there is a feeling of compassion.



How do we express ourselves in our work so that we communicate and touch people beyond the divisions of different cultures/opinions?

Can we use expression that is universally understood, innate in all humans?

How much does our culture contain and limit our expressions in our work?


Look closer at how we relate to our background, our culture, what we think we do or don't connect to,

Enjoy encountering and connecting with others who have may have different backgrounds, different experiences

Going beyond our usual reactions or states to respond to others in everyday situations

Generating material and exploring expression affected by these encounters and connections


Ending in a conversation about interactions and experiences in coffeebars and train carriages...