Goodwill - How do we honour, protect, and measure it in support of artists, staff and audiences

Chris Grady, 29 September 2012

Present: Michelle, Julia and Chris

Idea: To understand whether there were known or achievable ways to measure (or maybe value is a better word) Goodwill in an arts organisation, in such a way to be able to see when it is dribbling away...before it causes damage to an organisation.

One comment prior to the session was that there were tools which had been explored, and maybe within the world of Sociology. But that at the present they didn't think the Arts Council or arts community had a way to assess Goodwill in the manner of a KPI (Key performance indicator).

We had a short discussion and two things emerged:

* The challenge is also very relevant to those artists going into a collaborative project. How to measure the goodwill, or expectations that the practitioner brings to the project. Even if its commercially successful, or critically, it can also not come up to the expectation of feeding the soul, or keeping the personal goodwill.

* The key issue we explored was the need for effective Open Communications - goodwill can fall apart when the communication is flawed, when people (or audiences) feel excluded, not thanked etc.

* The value of Newsletters and full information circulation to encure that those who think they should be informed is informed.

* The value in checks and balances within a management or team to be sure that communication is happening, and that the stakeholders are involved/informed.

We then moved onto discussion of Write On, the network of 600 writers, actors and directors in Cambridge. Plus the Cambs filmaking community.

We then moved onto other topics around the room Thanks



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