Hannah Lambert, 24 January 2015

We discussed a new campaign, Get Creative, which will be led by the BBC and What

Next? in partnership with numerous arts organisations across the UK. It is launching in

February and runs for a year, with moments for everyone across the year to engage

and participate.

The focus of the campaign is two-fold. To discuss the value of arts and culture -

raising people's awareness of how culture is at the heart of society - and encouraging

more people to participate in creative activities.

Get Creative will be a campaign for everybody, across sectors and aims to be as

inclusive as possible. It is a unique moment for professionals, amateurs and the

curious to come together and explore creativity in their lives. It is not about excellence,

it is about taking part.

Key supporters include Fun Palaces, 64 Million Artists and Voluntary Arts.

We looked at how people who don't consider themselves creative or interested in the

arts could engage - perhaps there should be a fun quiz / Buzzfeed. The emphasis

needs to be on the fact that singing at a football match is as creatively engaged as

going to watch an opera.

We explored what a big moment could look like: a processional baton-passing of

culture through regions of the UK, to include cities and rural areas equally. Something

that travels as a way to encourage people to engage and get involved / inspired.

Please contact Hannah Lambert to find out more and see how you can get involved:

[email protected]

Who was there:

Hannah Lambert

Jessica Denning

Ellie Scanlan

Sarah Allen

Emma Rucastle

Lottie Hughes

Polly Kemp

Lisa Hammond

David Jubb

Mary Halton

Jess Jones

Sophie Gill

Liz Counsell

Caley Powell


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