We, at Silhouette Youth Theatre Company, believe anyone should feel like they can be involved in performing arts, and we are trying to make that change. Too often, we see young children (mainly boys) have a passion for performing arts but feeling prevented because things such as dance or singing is 'girly' or 'unmanly'. Its 2019! Why are we still seeing and hearing people refraining from PA because of gender or ethnicity?

Now it may depend on the storyline. Say, there was a play about suffragettes. Should men then be restricted from playing roles of a woman? Is it totally up to the director? How far can we take it? Chicago,for example, how far can we take that? Is it purely about the storyline and characters? If a woman or a man has been historically repressed, then does gender roles matter?

Too many young people are told that theatre is not for them because they're a boy, and its not a 'boys thing'. When boys dance, why are they judged for being 'sissys'. Even teachers ,members of society, mock students for their passions. Why should children fear bullying over something that they genuinely enjoy.

The question is, how can schools make the change?
Many schools don't include performing arts as part of the main curriculum, preventing children from becoming their best. We need to speak to someone who can help to make the change.

Cultural differences are a massive part of performing arts. In Britain, for example, our culture is very reserved. We should learn from other countries who embrace culture and performing arts and differences. Cultures CAN be changed, we can learn from each other.

In 2019, I don't think this topic should have to be a thing, we should already have solved this problem.

We are the revolution of the future, our voices can make changes, that should be happening. We have a long way to go, but together we can do it. Its not about power, its about trying our hardest to make it happen.

We would love to see a performing arts world where anyone can get involved, where voices are heard and changes are made. This can happen, if we try. We are all different and that's what makes us amazing!

Georgie, Delilah, Angelina and Missy
(written by Georgie)