Freelancing - why do we do it to ourselves?

Lucy Davies, 15 September 2012

Asked by Lou
Attended by Lou, Kath, Lisa, Christina, Bryn, Phil, Sarah, Lucy, Catherine

Disgruntled about freelancing because of:
- The inability to honestly critique work without a fear of jeapordising peer and instiutional relationships
- The lack of involvement in evaluation
- Protecting your brand - the risk of negotiating your terms too heavily or being seen as tricky
- The lack of power and voice - eg when projects get cut
- No career arc or salary growth across a lifetime
- No voice or role in developing a culture which relies on you
- The hidden subsidy freelancers provide - freelancers should have a logo which goes on posters alongside the major funders!

- No institutional politics - No meetings
- Can be entirely art-led - Passion


- The Danish model / residencies / resident companies
- Are Welsh institutions spending too much running themselves, and less and less on art?


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