Chris Grady, 27 January 2014

Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking is, as far as I understand it, the process of boring

deep into the earth, forcing water at high pressure into rock which may fracture and

release shale gas which can be captured and add to our energy resource.

I have not heard any considered debate for or against. As one person said it is as if we

are being told “don't worry your little heads”. Can we understand more and find ways

to bring sensible debate to the audience of this country.

If its fine - why has France banned it completely, and Germany, and Bulgaria, and

Romania, and Czech Republic put a 2 year moretoriam allowing for more research, as

has Ireland. What do they all know which is different in the UK.

The Telegraoh reported yesterday that Parliament is changing the planning law to take

away the right of citizens to object to drilling under their property. Compensation of

around £100 may be paid instead.

What do we know about the experiences in Colorado where there are 40,000 wells.

Many of which were broken in the recent tempestuous floods. Gas escaping into the

atmosphere, and rivers poisoned with toxic water.

Extreme Exploration - as it is called - upset by Extreme Weather - which even the UK

can have.

Is it going to make cheaper fuel ?

Is it right that it is going to rebalance our reliance on Middle East Oil who have us

“over a barrel” and just one terrorist could “fuck us over”. .

Have a look at the Earth Guardians - young Native Americans who raising awarness.

Check You Tube to hear their torch song “No Fracking Way'.

Why are we comfortable to allow our tiny country to be ”plundered“ as 40% of the

country is leased to global oil corporations.

”Is there maybe a reason why (mother) earth needs to retain this gas within its core"?

Thank you for those who joined the discussion, and brought their experience of

reading up about it, living in Lancashire where 3 earthquakes have so far happened,

and knowledge of the debates happening in Denver 5 years on from startinbg fracking


I sense that we as citizens are most worried for the future of our grandchildren, whilst

most politicians are worried about the future of their seats. There is a real difference in

these two long and short term goals.

Can the arts generate considered debate ?

Is the RSA, for example, holding debates…I couldn't find any mention on a quick


Action: Hugh is going to Balcombe in two weeks to research a scratch play he hopes

to have on stage in March this year in Cambridge.

I will contact the RSA and continue reading.

I will add hyperlinks when I am on an old PC rather than this Mac which is too clever

for me.

PLEASE open your eyes and ears to the word Fracking and add any news items you

see. Thank you.

Chris Grady

Present: Paul (photographer), Lizzie C, Brigit, Emma Rucastle, Alice Hoult,


Reference other reports: A Play About Fracking, The Art of Activism, How Can The

Arts Change The System.


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Chris Grady, 28 January 2014

I contacted the RSA who, with a specialism in Arts and the future of our country/world, were I thought the obvious place to

find existing debates. I got an instant answer back. It is not something they are dealing with.

There is a good piece in the Guardian by Chris Hulme to


A piece in the Telegraph about the changes in planning law

And here is the article with the map of Britain being offered for sale. Sorry I was wrong about 40%…its 50% according to

the Telegraph. as I spot it

corinne wahlberg, 28 January 2014

I used to work for an organization in Syracuse New York. I went door to door looking for support. It's not just scary, it's


Maybe the best way to start is by showing GasLand, a documentary film that shows what happened to the American


Bethany Wells, 28 January 2014

I'd be interested in keeping in touch with this thread + research. I had an idea to create a sound installation based on

fracking and the protest movement last year, but it didn't get off the ground - partly because I didn't know enough, couldn't

get my head around the issue and didn't know where I stood on it .

I'd be interested from a design point of view; if the scratch play about fracking happens, Hugh, it'd be great to chat if you

need a designer?



Chris Grady, 28 January 2014

Here is a useful illustration of the kind of intelligent and well chaired debate which appears to be happening locally. will keep posting any articles I see.


Chris Grady, 31 January 2014

In the interests of balance I attach a link to an Investment broker who argues carefully FOR the immense benefits to UK plc

and his investors with the use of fracking. Chapman, 6 February 2014

Gasland - a documentary film about fracking in the US by Josh Fox -

Hugh Chapman, 9 February 2014

Guardian's website is a good source of discussion -