There was a useful and interesting discussion between three of us - all of us the RIGHT PEOPLE! One on video.

A lot of the discussion focused on the difference between the open space and the conventional theatre space, especially when the content of the work is difficult: how to share responsibility with audience or participants for safety for all. The performance of a piece about sexual attack in a conventional, seated auditorium: what to ask - support for anyone distressed by the play, warnings without intimidation, the safety of the performer, emotionally and physically, as the responsibility of the audience as well as her responsibility for them.

In the open space work the issues were similar but needing a different structure. We noted that basic questions can be asked to help guide judgement:

Who is present?
Why are they there? What are their expectations, needs?
What kind of work is being done? Formal performance, workshop etc
Where are we? What kind of space - open, theatre seating, indoors, non-theatre, workshop etc.What/which institution: rep, hospital etc
When is it? Many answers to this - time in history, local issues etc

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