Regina Mendes, 8 June 2015

Mayou, Laurence, Anne, Alexia, Joe, Anna, Catherine, Lila, Tim, Sarah, David, Li and three more people that I don't know the names, helped me to put dreams and hearts into the dolls. On Saturday I ran out of dreams but on Sunday there were plenty of them as people brought me their pillows. We made 15 dolls.

The warm sunny days were present in the stunning space every single moment and we were happy to be together, we felt privileged and blessed. We are lucky people really, we have an amazing guardian angel :)

Some comments :

'This is the last thing I ever imagined I would be doing this weekend and I am quite enjoying it'

'After having my heart broken last year, it was so helpful and special to share time with you and to go through the process of fitting a body with dreams and a new heart. Thank you'

and then he gave me the piece of paper where he wrote that and said ‘I am going home now, I’ve found what I was looking for, this is all I needed, thank you'

Ohhhh such a great guy, an opera singer, the first opera singer who helped me to make my dolls. We spent some time together and it was absolutely adorable. I feel happy, honoured and blessed. Thank you Phelim and Sarah and Susie and Rachel and all the mystery that brought all of us together once more, I love you.


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