Amongst our conversation we shared a delicate moment talking about family members that we love so much, how difficult it is to step back and let them go away, how much we miss them and the moments we shared in the past and how much we hope they will come back one day. It was wonderful to open up our hearts and share how painful this process can be no matter how much we understand about it. We also shared feeling male and female at the same time, how much it gives the person a special broader understanding about gender but how much the person still feels ashamed about it.

Some comments:

'Everyone's heart is different'

'I've taken a soul and filled it with dreams on a lovely evening with very wise and astute company'

'I feel like I'm part of something very beautiful, rare and very human, and I am honoured'

'I feel peaceful - thank you for this evening'

Thank you so much Sarah and Anabel for holding the space for us - first time Anabel lead the big circle introduction and it was brilliant, thank you!


Grace Johnstone, 17 July 2017

Lovely meeting you Regina.

Occasionally you meet someone who gives you the opportunity to look at life in a different way. Those moments are very rare, but last week for me was one of them.

Thanks Again


regina mendes, 5 September 2017

Thank you Grace, hope to see you again and make more dolls together, much love x