The makers were Teejay, Evaristo, Emília, Holly, Ruby, Izzy, Amber, Roisin, Ellie, Marit, David, Helen, Kate, Angelina, Joseph and Arne 5 adults,10 teenagers and 1 child.

The teenagers joined us on Saturday, they were very excited about the project. At the meditation when I asked them to pay attention to their pulse they started to laugh a lot. I shared with Phelim and he said:

‘Well, there are lots of laugh in the heart.’

So true!!!

I loved that many young people came to make dolls, it was the first time though I felt I needed some help, they were many asking for my attention and I made some of them wait much more than I wanted to.

We made 16 dolls, 4 of them were finished by the makers, the others I finished myself, mainly sewed the legs, on a calmer session on Sunday. I mainly sewed the legs what usually happens. One of the dolls is named Jackson inspired by a session about transgender.

On Sunday I asked - ‘ if anybody knows anything about bipolar disorder please come to talk to me at the dolls session, thank you.’ I had inspiring conversation about it with some people who shared their experience.

‘Thank you Regina for letting me be part of your dream-making. It was a soothing and reflective experience - a lovely moment of calm in the middle of the storm!’

‘It was really relaxing and I found it very helpful to calm me down and I think it’s a lovely project to be able to be part in. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it and I thought you were very kind and helpful and the whole atmosphere was lovely.’

‘This was the second doll I made and just like the last time it was a nice moment of rest, time to think of what has been going on that day. It’s a nice project and I hope that many people will join in and help Regina to achieve her goal.’

‘Making the doll is being. It is an opportunity to press pause for a moment, take time, reflect, share in stillness, in activity, in conversation. Felling my pulse during the meditation just reminded me that I am alive, I am full of life. What an achievement! Thank you!’

‘Regina and her dolls are always a nice company, helping you to relax, come back to earth, to connect. A very positive vibe is around her, an oasis, meditative center point of D&D.’

Thank you very much for all the makers and for D&D team who once more organised a brilliant event for all of us, Thank You!