The makers were Lucy, Rachel, Martha, Shereen, Jean, Emily and Cath. We made seven dolls.

‘I felt empowered because I created with a group of women a creature with a beating heart! It pumped life into me. Thank you! ‘

‘I’m not keen crafts person so wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, and in some respects I found the discussion flowed more easily within this group then some of the others. There was a quiet intimacy and Regina’s energy was so lovely to be around.’

I loved to spend the afternoon in conversation with awesome women. We all gathered together to help each other.

Nick was the only man in the event because he helped to organise it. I hope next time men will come and have conversation with us.

Thank you so much Ruth and Hannah for the invitation, Nick and Olivia for holding the space and thank you for all makers.

Olivia led the introduction for the first time and did it brilliantly! And at the end of the event we had the most magical bell’s ritual ever, thank you all!