In my session we had lots of inspiring conversations, some of them about being able to recognise the humanity in every other human being. I was particularly inspired by this thought:

‘The only thing that evil needs to triumph is for good people to do nothing.’

Quddous and Natasha joined the session the whole evening and Olivia, Tajbir and Sarah joined us later. We had lots of fun, lots of laugh and we made six dolls, one of them was named Mali.

One of the makers experienced a coincidence that often happens when we make dolls – her doll has the same body conditions as she does.

‘Some things happened with the doll – on the side where it has a bad leg, is the side I have my actual bad leg, and the side where the hip ripped, is the side where I had a hip injury.’

‘My experience with making the doll. Well, what can I say. I cannot seem to put it into words. It’s more of a feeling, a feeling of openness. A feeling of coming together, not just with the people in here, but just people. It’s an odd feeling you are doing something so personal yet take on so much from the group. Here’s one word for this experience. Grateful. I am grateful.’

‘My experience today has been very insightful. Creating dolls and stuffing them with dreams and a heart as well as sewing them up and meditating on them was a very personal experience. It was intimate and special. Simply sublime.’

‘An open space for any conversation to take place, interesting space, so simple yet so powerful.’

‘Creating a doll filled with love and dreams for the whole world. Dreams that hopefully aren’t as temporary as clouds. Loved this activity, thank you.’

At the closing circle one of the participants talked about the importance of meeting complete strangers and spend time together as a community to work on our difficulties. Yes!

Thanks Sarah for facilitate the event, she did a great introduction, it made everyone happy and ready to work, , and thank you so much for everybody who joined us to make dolls.

I love D&D .