Sharon Eckman, 26 January 2013

Session called by Sharon. With Kate, Dan, Sara, Emma, Becky, Mary, Corinne, Amy,

Katherine, Lee.

- Came from a documentary on how the devil has been depicted in art - so, what is the

devil's job?

- Middle manager, told to do it by god.

- Loads of ideas and references, the mythology of god and the devil, how that is

perceived now.

- If there is no purpose in 21st century for the devil (i.e. religious belief has

changed/gone, no-one is afraid of hell), what is the devil's purpose? What do you do

when you're a master of your craft and there is no longer any point to your work (age

in society)

- Why did the devil accept the job, and why carry on doing it? Is it a family business?

- If you're not scared of going to hell, what are you scared of? Poverty, losing


- People who were made examples of went to hell.

- what would happen today if there was incontrovertible proof of the devil's existence?

- What would the devil look like/be like today? Savvy, very good at his job, loads of

followers on Twitter. Multi-lingual, bisexual, genderless.

-Cool to be an atheist, not cool to believe.

- Men in Norse stories blown out of proportion to become myth.

_many images of the devil, but none of god (old man on cloud with beard). Why is

that? Scared to conceptualise god and not devil?

- Why did humans create the devil in the first place? Transfer from polytheism to

monotheism. God is everything and everywhere, have to create the devil because that

is ‘unsellable’. All about marketing.

- God complex - having to save the world.

- What is the quality/archetype of successfully holding the paradox of looking after self

but also wanting to save the world?


mystery, god, devil, myth, religion, plays