Does anybody have a daily creative theatre practice? (How do you fund it?)

Convener(s):caroline thompson

Participants: Ros, Alex, Jade, Lucy, Vic, Wendy

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

Looking at how to create a practice similar to that of a sculptor, painter, athlete etc. where you get to go somewhere or connect to your creative theatre practice independently of working on a show..Wanting a practice not connected to the audience.

One person not able to imagine a year without applause. Build that into your practice?

It seems theatre is the one art form where this is discouraged in this country.

Difficult to commit to something when unquantifiable.

WHY the need for a creative practice?

To protect against habitual responses in your work.

To exercise the creative muscle which is separate from physical vocal training.

So you can allow things to be revealed to you.

As theatre is a social form how as an individual do you work on it.

A space of timelessness.

Suggestion of a CREATIVE WARM-UP AT THE BAC- anyone working in the building can come to  it.  Structured as a skill-share, taking it in turns to facilitate. 

A creative practice needs A SPACE?

the importance of having a physical space you can go to that is free/ cheap.

Alex runs sessions like this on a weekly basis, for actors and directors to get together and work for free. Invite only, currently full but many people wanting to participate. so space for more to be created.

A place to go where you can be challenged.

AN OPEN SPACE- to have access to a space where things are not set and what is current can get worked on.

Where are the spaces in the secular world where you can go deep.?

Being a ‘celebrant’ enables one participant to stay connected to theatre and the multitude of  skills it requires.

ONE CONCLUSION:Creative practice can happen anywhere- it’s a mindset –practice turning , with awareness, any moment or activity into a theatrical one