Dodgy Sponsors-Fringe Report

nic green, 28 July 2012

Questions Arising from this mornings Dodgy Sponsors group in edinburgh (answers not included!):

Can we have a conference with experts in ethical funding/ sustainable touring/ ecological practice to help us develop as performance makers in our field? Who wants to run this with me?
Are we the radicals?/Where are the radicals?
Is it the artists responsibility to research where all funding and resource is coming from?
What do we do to feel part of something bigger in the face of challenging things like unethical funding? How can we have power in numbers?
What do we do about how limiting it is to have ethics in the art world, given the number of opportunities which-out of principle-it makes sense to decline/stay away from? How can we make other opportunities which resonate with ethics and ethical politics?
Can artists/venues/arts organisations move towards an ideological integration in the sense that their ethics inform ALL aspects of what they do and how they do it-Why isn't this happening?
How do we confront the fear that prevents us from giving voice to these issues in the face of power? Can we be sure we will get any work if we do??!! How much bravery/how much sacrifice does one have/make to take a stand on these things?


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