Do you find it hard to keep your own creativity going while managing/administrating arts projects and/or being a mother, ie facilitating others?

Elaine Gaston, 25 August 2012

Two of us ( mums with babies/children of different ages) had a wide ranging conversation about being a mother;babies; being creative; writing at the kitchen table;the choices/opportunities to make creative work while looking after children; the sense that having and looking after children is creative in itself.

We talked about the the line between letting our own wishes/urge to be creative go and going with the flow of others needs. The need to honour our own creativity and doing projects/life stuff to facilitate others or because we should. How long to let things, our writing for example, go when babies are young. Can it be better just to accept that we have to let things go, rather than pushing to try to do what we did before.How we can integrate our children into our creative process, how our children are the creative process.

And then I felt something wet (water or baby wee?) on my foot, we laughed.

We talked about how to be true to ourselves , our own voice while managing/directing/administrating other people's lives (our kids)/ projects/shows/performances/arts projects or other. Really our attitude to our creativity can reflect our attitudes to our lives.Is there ever a time when things are 'sorted; just have to do it, writers, creative people have just gone for it if they have the passion,

Orwell, John Mc Gahern wrote in front of a blank wall


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