Do theatre-makers + artists in the north east need a new studio space to create, r&d and rehearse eclectic work?

Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh, 11 July 2012

Nazli (ZENDEH), Patricia (Dance City), Christina (Actor/Theatre Maker Nefarious), Phil (Council/ Theatre Hulllabaloo)

There is a need and want for a new space (not a new build) for theatre makers and artists to come together to try new ideas, share practice, collaborate and find each other in an artistic community that is free from the pressures of networking or the perception of cliques! A space to rehearse and to share thinking and to experiment.

A new studio space that enables work to be explored that is not in the image or need of validation of programming venues - but for this studio space to link in and be of mutual interest and support to venues and programmers for the development and booking of work. A developed feeling and attitude of openness and equality.

The space needs to be funded and for artists to pay to use it a nominal fee that promotes a work ethic and value for the space and makes it a place where urgent work can be developed - new sparks discovered and through this shift in the work that is being made - perhaps even leading to a sustained and vibrant fringe scene.

A space where all scales of work can be created and that this would enable artists to try out new scales of work so that artists are making work for spaces that are truly the best space for their work to be - so the studio would help with finding this and would then be taken on by venues.

Where this space needs to be is easy access, safe to get to and a place that is welcoming - has a kettle!

A space that is open to lots of different kinds of work so that genres don't become diluted but rather become stronger have more depth and are clear for artists, audiences alike - so this could be newcastle and we need to address the crossing the river thinking!

A new space that makes welcomes healthy competition and support and place where there is peer to peer learning and develops the confidence of artists and of venues and is a fun place to be.

This space to help artists who are unfunded and funded to come together and making work - not being held back due to waiting for money, so nominal cost but one that enables equality of access for a vibrant space for changes in practice and new voices, in fact all voices.


rehearsal, space, artists, equality, practice, collaborate, fringe