Convener(s): Caroline Bryant

Participants: Tom Wright, Chris Wright, Dan Marsden, Lian Bell, Aldona Cunningham, Lisa Hammond, Christie Jonnings, Jon Spooder, Lisa Hammond

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

An Actors viewpoint:
What do actors want from directors? Confidence, freedom to be creative with their roles, and help when stuck.

A Directors viewpoint:
Actors should have a professional attitude and responsibility for creating their characters. Both actor and director should be expecting to work hard.

Sharing skills is not stealing but an opportunity to bounce ideas. Best to use a variety of methods to keep learning – mentoring, assisting, shadowing but mostly doing it!

Traditional college training for directors has a very limited advantage.

Value our abilities and different strengths.

We should be creating genuine collaborative work.

Recognition that different company structures can limit Directors ability to work as they wish.

During collaboration respecting each others professionals ability is crucial.

Acknowledged that it can be hard to find training/practice opportunities and a space to share skills.

The Directors role is to fulfil the authors intension.