Devoted and Disgruntled, my session

Alison Cowling, 29 September 2012

Three sessions I have been to after lunch have been really interesting and again great to talk to people of different backgrounds and experience. “Where do young people begin?” – started by Mark Milligan discussed the move from school, finding people who are interested in the same things and the ‘'right’' path to follow to go into the creative buisness. Self exposure and self motivation to make contacts was discussed, and the realisation that the young people in the group have already begun, (partly by being here today meeting and talking to people). The thought as well of beginning again even when you are not young....whenever you want to start something new you will have to begin, trying things for the first time and meeting new people.

I have met loads of new people today and discovered Hoipolloi a theatre group as well as Improbable.

A discussion of “what is my part in all this” was never really anwsered but questioned more – questioning what is the question?

Finally “Its all the same – what is the new avant garde?” conversation, provoked the discussion of is there new? we talked all things from ‘Earthquakes in London’ to Lady Gaga to try and think can there ever be original things? I think it is new to the people who discover it.

a really interesting and thought provoking day. :)


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