Developing New Work

Session called by Jen Toksvig

Attended by a bunch of lovely people


Two things emerged: 

  1. Need for feedback on specific projects where people can just bounce ideas off someone, and get some help figuring out where to go next. Just tweeted @MrThomasHescott and @openspacer about possible use of hashtag #DandDmentor on Twitter? EG: “Need #DandDmentor for kids’ show please!” Now suggesting D&D satellite on Mentoring.
  2. Play-Doh session! One of Jen’s sessions using Play-Doh to examine and explore the abstract process of creative collaboration. Will try to arrange space and time. All interested parties, please tweet hashtag #DandDplaydoh or message @toksvig or email me via [email protected] to give me an idea of how big a space we might need. And how much Play-Doh!


Suggested something on the exploration of personal creative process, as opposed to specific project, but this seemed less interesting than specific project support.