Connor Edwards, 16 January 2017

Yet another great session full of an extremely intelligent and insightful conversation

between participants; who I can't thank enough for indulging me in a question such as

this. It was a much smaller group this time but again started with just one, which

became two and then three. We began to talk first about what depression is and then

delved into what is causing depression. This lead to a conversation that went on for a

while about the rise of diagnosed depression and suicide rates due to it in the

millennial generation. Ending up spending a lot of time talking about social medias

added effect to depression; how it's become an addiction, like an alcoholic does to the

bottle, that people have become reliant on it as a need to gain social value and much

more. We also talked about how due to this they lack the social skills to fit into society

affecting relationships and the ability to work; or fit in as a stable member of tis society.

I won't go into to much detail as you can listen to the recording if you want to really

know more and I don't want to give you too many spoilers, but please if you are

interested just have a listen you may find it very insightful; well I hope. It then begged

the question what is theatres relationship to depression? has it effected it in a good or

a bad way? drawing some very interesting conclusions that theatre is actually a huge

benefit to prevent or treat this. By giving them the social skills they are loosing and

teaching them values and so on and so fourth, i'm going on again sorry i'm terrible I

could go on all day i'm having to stop myself. That became a huge chunk of the

conversation leading in to talks of others experiences within theatre; all agreeing how

theatre is hugely needed in society so it's so sad that it is becoming an endangered

species. Ending this fantastic conversation in full circle of all the things we have talked

about and the value of theatre as a benefit needed for the new generation; due to the

real sad truth of the bad hand that Millennials have been dealt. Especially with the

weight that now rest on their shoulders because of the state we are leaving the world

in for them. I mean what a world to be brought into. But there is hope and theatre is

largely part of that hope; I firmly believe that as much as some other extremely

important things. So once again thank you for the three that were part of this session

and made it truly beautiful; you gave some incredibly insightful and very real truths that

are so important, so thank you. Lots of love Connor x.