“DEATH, …” Playing dying… How! Please help. What does death/facing your own death means to you?

Convener(s): Li E Chen

Participants: Paul, Rupert, Monica, Veronica, Nick, Lisa, Fionn, Lee and few more people.

Thank you for the participants to share their own experience and advices on above issue.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:


  1. Do not like acting, do not want to act: What to do?

Ring a bell if they see me acting, so that I can make sure I am not acting for dying.

  1. Physical:

Body is slowly shunting down by each breath, switching each organ one by one, the last thing to switch off is the hearing.

The organ of the body is death but life still goes on.

  1. Playing dying:

Making your own decision, Using your own imagination, Working on the Breath, Butoh dance, Ring a bell if people see me acting.

  1. Do not like emotion, do not think death should be an end and cry for, how to deal with that?

Having an illness, sometimes it is out of our controls. Perhaps the character wants to control her own life to end her life and thinks it is ok to leave the world behind, and why not to be peaceful. 

  1. What reasons would you kill yourself?

If there is nothing left in life worth living for?

  1. What does death mean to you?




Blank page

Can’t visual it

No body know, impossible to know, by the time you know, you’re already death.

Death is not connecting with your environment and nature.

Death is not what I can easily to say ok when I have children. Death means more than about myself, but it is about the people I love so that I live.

  1. Thank you very much for your contributions on my process of playing a character who is suffering from cancer illness and facing her own death. I don’t know what death really mean to her yet. But I won’t cry, I’m strong, I’m ok of dying, I want my family and love one who also not to be upset about my death. I want them to be happy and enjoy life of living…

My process so far of playing the dying…