My name is Sahera Khan, I am Deaf and BSL user. I live in East London, I am a Writer, Actress and Filmmaker. I also work part time at a Primary school. On Thursday 28th March 2019, I attended the session D&D satellite.

First session – I have written a script for my short play called ‘Am I Dulhan (Bride)’. This is a solo performance with visual theatre, comedy and a projector. The question is, is the script visual? As there is no dialogue in my performance I was unsure of the correct term to use for when I apply for the scratch nights and funding. Also, this is useful for the tech rehearsals and organisers who also request for the scripts.

The group response:
- “Script with no dialogue”
- “Script with no words.”

My next show was be at Battersea Arts Centre –

For more information about my play please click on the link-

Second session – I am planning to make a short film with high standard production but I am struggling to find a producer. The next question I had asked is are there any producers I can contact ? To apply for funding I will contact London Calling Funding.

The group responses:
- Women in Film and Television
- Arts Council Funding
- Channel 4
- Facebook Group BOSSY, Theatre Producers
- Open sharing with audience
- Create a clip
- Contact Writers Union
- Contact Queen Mary’s University – the students are trainee producers
- Follow up Twitter e.g. The producer is looking for a project
- Set Google Alerts when Producers are looking for the projects.
- Linkedln

General session

I spoke to an advisor about legal writing experience. I wanted to know is am I allowed to use any book for free or are there copyright restrictions? As I would like to create a play for children e.g. 1001 nights.


- Adaptations
Public domain ( Life plus 70 years)
Please check special circumstance.
Also worth to look at Gutenburg Project.

Conclusion I found the sessions are very useful, thank you for providing BSL interpreters. Hopefully I will follow up my action points. Potentially the information I need maybe relevant for you. I hope there are producers interested in my short film which would be awesome.

My social media details are Twitter @Sahera04 and my website