D&D National Roadshow 2012 and WOSonOS (World Open Space on Open Space)

Convener(s): Nick Sweeting

Participants: Lots of supportive, friendly and helpful people


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

Phelim outlined the ideas and dreams behind the plan of a National Roadshow.

  • Connecting with people nationally; connecting people and ideas nationally
  • Mapping themes
  • A travelling conversation
  • A real time conversation
  • A document that is a record of a moment in time – a “Domesday Book”
  • A tour ….. planned and executed like a theatre tour

We talked about places, potential collaborators and other ideas ideas: 


  • Derry
  • Newcastle
  • The Lakes
  • North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool/Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Dorset
  • Truro
  • Devon/Exeter


  • Empty Space (Natalie and Caroline present)
  • Sustain (Tyrone Huggins present)
  • Elizabeth Johnson (present; connections with NTS)
  • Rhiannon Armstrong (present; lives in London; good knowledge of North East)
  • Deborah Paige (present; Dorset)
  • Kneehigh
  • Bristol OS Community and Old Vic
  • Beaford Arts – Hannah Ashwell
  • Hall for Cornwall
  • National Theatre of Scotland – Tessa Walker
  • Laurie Sansom – Northampton Royal and Derngate



  • A camp – residential D&D – with camping …. Kneehigh’s Asylum plus tents
  • “Neutral” venues ….. can a venue ever be neutral?
  • North East – 2012 several throughout the North consolidating to one central D&D in 2013
  • Regional tour and larger themed ones (say 5?) which either emerge theme wise or are other artform based – opera; music theatre; classical music …
  • D&D website – blog posts – facilitating ongoing and passing on of conversations.



Matilda and Phelim talked a bit about the background of WOSonOS.

Culmination of the journey ……. Improbable, with other members of the UK OS community, hosting this annual worldwide gathering.

Probably in London.

Call for ideas for venues …… please e-mail Improbable with thoughts.  Needs to be able to accommodate 200 – 250 people in Open Space.

Looking for other possibilities outside York Hall.

Possibilities – Olympic site; P3 (Westminster University); School halls – eg UCS.