The little list

Started at D&D 3 as a collection of little things we can do to help reduce the consumption of the earths resources.            

Now it looks like these might help save you or others money as well

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This is D&D4’s little list, to save money and to save the planet:

  • Use leaf tea instead of tea bags to save paper
  • Reuse your cup
  • Plan what you are going to eat at the start of the week and shop accordingly, saves money, time and the planet
  • Darn it- mend stuff



Job Swap / Work Experience  

Rob Haughton – Part Time (per gratis)

                             Full Time (paid)



Digital Marketing Consultant  

[email protected]


After yesterday’s session about Gaza, we have decided to collect e-resources for everyone’s general knowledge. If you know a particularly useful site/blogger/forum… (Naomi Klien article)


Books are great too: 

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter

Being informed is cool.


  1. A crèche
  2. Have a 1940s jive afterwards
  3. Who shall we invite to D&D Number5
  • Anyone we know who cares
  • Drama school/students
  • (More?) Employees of larger companies/theatres who may be able to answer the questions of many freelancers here
  • More Technicians/stage managers etc to discuss the practical aspects of theatre making and the problems that incur

What needs to be done now?

What am I resisting about this?

What will happen if I do nothing?

How would you like this to be?

What am I prepared to do about this?

Could I let go of this?

What’s the one thing that would have the greatest effect if I did it? 

What isn’t working?

What’s the simplest next step I will commit to doing?