Key takeaways from the session

- start with the work: kick and kick and kick until it happens
- make really great art --> get great marketing and spread the word --> your family (network, audiences, etc.) grows --> what makes it better (invest resources, clout, increased networks, goodwill from audience and industry, increased funding back into the work) --> go back to step 1 and make really great work
- in stead of thinking like a business (which may feel like it will kill the creativity) try to think about what your work will need over time (thinking a year, three years or so ahead)
- plan for several years; your current show is not your endgame
- publish a 12 month statement of intent
- find a buddy to hold you accountable; or have a board of trusties with the same aim (accountability!)
- consider being permanent but part time (full time, all of the time, might not be necessary)
- being a full time company is something that grows gradually
- don't be afraid of your team changing or of outsourcing
- expanding your reach doesn't mean doing more shows (talks, lectures, workshops, publishing evaluation reports online, spreading the word; reaching more people in more ways)
- What are you doing when you are not rehearsing? Budget your time!

Support structures:
- HOUSE network
- Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts
- Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
- Garfield Weston Foundation
- John Ellerman Foundation

Arne Pohlmeier, Jen Lunn, Victor Esses, Naying Ren, Jenn Kay, Tom Mansfield, Emily Davis, David Byrne, Ilayda Arden, Steven Laverty, Chloe Kennedy, Catalina, Mihai and many others

Companies represented
Two Gents Productions, Culturcated, Split Lip, Upstart, Cheeky Chin, Altertheatre, Sea Change, Block Stop, New Diorama, Royal & Derngate, On the Button.