Robert Wells, 25 January 2015

I'm off to Mark Watson's 27 hour comedy show at the end of next month and I'd like to do something for the duration of the show to raise money for Comic Relief. It has to be something I can do while sitting in an auditorium watching a comedy show, but apart from that I'm open to anything legal.

From conversations through the weekend I've realised that most ideas come into two camps: Endurance and Creation.

The only idea I've heard in the Endurance bracket that has tickled me is the idea of listening to all 7 hours of Illuminatus! recorded at the Cottesloe in 1976 and then watching all 20 hours of The Warp.

Creation seems more fun. I like the idea of making an artefact, possibly something that would last on after the show.
- Write a short novel (how many words is feasible?) Write quickly, without editing, publishing chapters as I go.

- Automatic drawing (learn how to interpret them)
- Make a deck of jokes (27 hours x 2 = 54 = 52 cards + 2 Jokers) possibly using the joke format of My Wife's Run Away To The West Indies...

The one overlap between the two sets is Churning Butter. You can make a lot of butter in 27 hours.

That's a lot more ideas than I had this morning.


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Robert Wells, 20 March 2015

For the record, I churned 4.5 gallons of double cream into 53 pots of butter, raising £400 for Comic Relief. Everything smelt of stale milk for days.