Ethan Hudson, 9 January 2016

#CrewForCalais is a movement of organisations and individuals from within the

theatre community who are working to build flatpack shelters to house some of the

most vulnerable refugees in Calais.

We have a tried and tested design. We have drawings and plans. We have contacts

working on site in Calais.

We need:

• Funding and support in kind

• workshop space

• volunteers (carpenters, practical people, drivers, fundraisers, producers,


• transit vans

• Sheet and pse timber

• bolts

• exposure and clout

Our session today was full of positivity, energy and ideas about connections and help

that can be found. We have a strong list of Birmingham supporters who can get


We are going to spread the word via #DandD11.

We are going to speak to West Yorkshire Playhouse, Salisbury Playhouse and The

Birmingham REP, as well as drama schools and construction colleges who may have

space, people and time.


Can big workshops cut the pieces out of scrap or when they are on downtime and

mass up pieces over time?

Could big workshops allocate a single day or 2 days to building flatpack shelters with

their whole team - they could make a lot of shelters and lose a minimum of build time?

Can we train people up better and have a wide net of people who can build the

shelters, ready to go to Calais when they are free?

How can producers get involved to help organise nationally and push forward in kind

donations, manage logistics etc?

Got any ideas, support, thoughts, feelings…



Birmingham and North - [email protected]

London and South - [email protected]


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