Present Benjamin, Chris, Fiona, Antigone, Masaaki, Rhiannon, Jess, Rene, Jayne, Shane, Ruth, Hannah, Adrienne, Jennifer, Fiveaside, Kerri, Tomo, Eli, a few others.

Here are some of the types of people present:
Performers / solo and ensemble who are self producing – overwhelm
Working in venues, producing at night – part creative, part not
Understanding the word (and role) of creative in CP, v dramaturge or GM
How we grow from another place, actor, admin, tec to validate/be a CP
How to learn when there is no training/school – as in Japan and also how to train /learn when we don’t have the funds for an MA course (or time or desire to do one)
How to balance Commercial and Subsidised (my hear remains in BAC)
We quickly listed some of the routes to being seen as a CP. There are Mas at Central, Mountview, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (new starts Sept this year). Festivals in Leeds, London Studio Centre Dance CP, City University and others for cultural leadership, Goldsmiths for MA linked to Musical Theatre writing and producing.
Other routes – for commercial theatre, Stage One (SOLT/UKTheatre linked), then sceemes in houses like National Theatre Wales, Colchester Mercury, Young Vic Genesis, Contact for young producers in Manchester
There are some networking opportunities – online with UK Theatre Producers the facebook group set up by Jake Orr. Producers’ Pool run by Chris Grady which meets last Tue of the month in London (about 450 producers, around 20-50 gather each month). (everyone here will get an email of info on this because they all gave us their email…anyone else can look on Facebook for the groups or email [email protected] both are groups just for producers – not directors, writers, actors etc.
We also talked of books – James Seabright and Julius Green and Chris Grady, and a one day course led by Nick Hennegan (Mavarick Theatre).
The key ideas/challenges came under the following: “The need for a centralised, democratised training for subsidised producing”. We expliored whether a single model would work – because what we all do is so different. But a single resource centre could be wonderful. We are the only branch of theatre without a Union voice or rates of pay. Also where do people find each other – should we invent Tinder for producers. Then we were told of Daisie a new connecting system which could be morphed to be a theatre tool, mainly film etc at the moment.
Challenges are that almost everything is focussed on London – start Producers Pool in Manchester maybe. Remind UK Theatre that this is a UK wide challenge. [Talk to new head of UK Theatre]
What is so valuable is mentors – maybe a mentor/mentee informal networking or connecting dating site, away from all the fixed schemes that you have to be inside the loop or organisation to get on.
We also have to remember to start young. Young people at school don’t know that theatre is a job, tec theatre or producing is a job. Is this a bigger conversation with NSDF ??
Is there a regional scheme which UK Theatre big players could embrace –say Cheltenham Everyman CEO leading, working with the immediate associates around him, creating a PPool or a network, offering mentorship in the region, so that ultimately any emerging or self producer has a route to the top without glass ceilings.
Maybe a List of Skills needed as a producer which is massive and standard would be helpful (does it exist ?). Suggested the skills three lists – jobs I love to do and can do well, things I really can’t or don’t want to do, and in the middle things you will do but may not be the best. Then when you meet a company or artist that needs you get them to do the same – and compare so you bring your best skills to the needs they have.
Could there be a PayPal paid open mentoring scheme
Finally we looked at what people wanted now…
Surgeries – mentor/mentee – understanding risks and self producing
Mentor – speed dating
Resources list
Where can you get seed funding – maybe a list of places to go
Theatre Deli is another one / Theatre Bristol / FST mentor scheme / EPAD in Edinburgh
Where can loans be found for MA. Why do an MA – connections, dsafety net, learning. But it costs £8k+. Maybe you could use the 8k to make work. It is perfect for some people – but for others just doing it is the way in.