Phoebe Kemp, 14 January 2017

I'm Phoebe - I called a session as am about to go into R + D on a show about a

disabled suffragette called Rosa May Billinghurst.

Here are some of the things people mentioned:

Play in the gaps between source material

Match quotations to the structure

What is at stake in this telling of the story?

What's new to the teller in the telling?

How do you deal with lots of different timelines? (Now, and different points in the story)

How does each time period connect to the next?

What's the Aha! moment?

Why has she been forgotten?

Its about interpretation

Put ambiguity in your corner

Source material only becomes something when you engage with it

What is the metaphor?

What is the human question?

How do you market it?

Let people in on the journey

Moments that changed history

How would your five theatre heroes tell the story?

Window of opportunity!

It can be good not to know everything

Who takes ownership of her history?

Does she know where we are now?

Don't get too tied down by reality