Summary of discussion:

We have partners/allies already that we could plug into in the form of Equity and the other entertainment unions.

There are also existing networks:

* Croydon Arts Network (who are currently finding it a challenge to keep the network going - they need more volunteers)

* Just Croydon (which is broader than just the arts)

* Get Out More Promotions (Fb page and website which are a listings service)

Do we need a new FB / Twitter account?

We should reinvigorate the existing Croydon Arts Network, rather than reinventing the wheel by starting something new. And it should be interdisciplinary.

What are the network goals?

* getting the word out about our events

* calling for support / skills swapping

* uniting against Arts cuts

* in person gatherings: monthly / 3 monthly?

* liaising with businesses to sponsor arts in Croydon

* creating a buzz about the arts in Croydon Meetings are key as it's important to meet in person, not just online.

Purpose of meetings:

* to promote our work

* to look for work / collaborators

* just to chat! (Our work can be very isolating)

* to support specific campaigns Other ideas:

* The network could potentially be influential in the larger picture (eg Fairfield Halls).

* Could the network have a youth mentoring scheme?

* It should be about Croydon growing it's own young talent.

* It should also reignite and encourage older artists.

* We should have a directory of venues, but more than this, it should be a hub of activity.


* We need a space to reclaim like The Hive in Hoxton. There are a lot of empty spaces in Croydon, a lot owned by the council.

* Stanley Halls are trying to make better use of their space. Could they host network meetings?

* Oval Tavern want to help create a network and would welcome an Artists' Network meeting.

* We need to meet in different spaces, not just one, to promote and engage with different spaces and artists.

Next steps and who is responsible:

* Create a Croydon Artists' Network gmail account. (Sarah Finigan)

* Create a database of artists from email addresses gathered at the D&D satellite. (SF)

* Liaise with Esther Sutton from The Oval Tavern about hosting the 1st meeting. (SF)

* Volunteer to become co-administrator of Croydon Arts Network Twitter account. (SF)