Title: Courage to Act:


What's in the way of taking action

and some ideas about how to breakthrough


Motto contributed by one of the session members:

"If we talked to our friends the way we talk to ourselves, no one would want to be friends with us."

People came and went but we started with the following:

Convener: Andy Harmon

Members included: Sophia Simerensky, Sandra Bo-Sim Yee, Ben Luke, Jo Faith, Angela Clerkin


"What are the aims or goals you need courage to do?" and/or "What are your fears that are getting in the way" (Goals and Obstacles)




Auditioning (pushing forward, making calls)

Finding a Mentor

Finding a Project

Taking myself seriously

Finding a community

Taking a Risk

Feeling Entitled (I'm not good enough)

Taking ownership of the value of what I create

"I Want to stop Playing Small"

"I'm rubbish at networking but I want to work in an ensemble"



Things we do that stop us:

I have a fear that what I create won't be perfect

I have a fear that I won't find the exact right group of people

I over-think what I do (analysis paralysis)

I get intimidated by what other people think I 'should' be doing.


Some suggestions about moving forward:

Don't use the the word 'Networking' think about 'making new friends' or 'building a community for yourself'

Use language that helps you take action rather than reinforces your preconceptions

Make it Public. Declare yourself; then there's no time to be terrified.

Put your fears in perspective, think about what it will be like if you DON'T take action

Attend the NorthEast D&D. Set up a Local D&D in Leeds (forinstance)

Imagine yourself as someone else when you have to make a call or meet someone new

Email a friend or a colleague who will support your commitment to yourself with some things you're going to do.

Create a little community that will hold you to the deadlines you set for yourself


Many thanks to everyone involved in the weekend but especially Lee, Phelim, Nick, Lucy, Julian and all the others from Improbable and the Support Team who made this wonderful event happen!