We discussed a number of things
Riddley reckoned that in some way people who are juggling in shows are using the force.

He also said that the force brings things together so voices are more powerful when you use the force. You could also use the force to use seamless set changes.

Riddley then did a demonstration of three different types of performance the first two were without using the force they were not good, and sort of good. The performer tripped up and stumbled over his words. the actor's head had a lot of concern about how well he was going to do. . Then he demonstrated A performance which was using the focus of the force which was very clear and direct. He spoke his dialogue with confidence.

Tassos suggested a game where we put down a cup and had to stand a distance from it close our eyes walk forward with our eyes closed and bend down and pick it up. we all had go and used the force to guide us. Riddley demonstrated a number of times that he could do it successfully when he was relaxed and let the force guide him. We thought this would make a great show to watch people trying to do it.

Riddley announced that all theatre needs the force as part of it. The invisible things that brings things together.

He then said that he had the answer it was YES! You ccan use the force to make a show..