Hugh Chapman, 24 January 2015

MPs will hold a FINAL VOTE on the Infrastructure Billon Monday 26th January,

Amongst other issues the Bill contains clauses committing the government to maximising profits from UK oil and Gas, incentives for road building and road transport and changes to trespass laws which will allow fracking to take place under landowners' property without their permission.

The good news is that a growing number of MPs are supporting amendments to remove the most problematic clauses from the Bill put forward by Caroline Lucas MP and Norman Baker MP. And a lot of people are lobbying MPs that haven't already expressed their support for these amendments.

We need 50% of MPs to vote in favour of the amendments proposed by Caroline Lucas and Norman Baker to ensure the problem clauses are removed.

Contact your MP ahead of the vote on Monday to ask if they'll be supporting Caroline Lucas and Norman Baker's amendments!

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